Friday, February 3, 2017

Diamonds Finally Finished

My top, started in 2013, is finally completed.....It still has some obvious errors in the joining but since it has all been sewn about three times, I'm going to follow the adage of "finished is better than perfect"  and live with it.  If I started it now, I'm sure my cutting would be more accurate and that that would make a difference.  This turned out to be 48 x 72 before I added a 2" strip to the width edges.  It looked as if thee binding would cut off some of the diamond points.pattern says 55 x 64. I have no idea what happened to the extra width!  I did use some leftover diamonds to add an extra row to the length,  You may notice that it is in two pieces...I'm planning on quilting it on one of my home machines and none of them have a very wide bed.  Hopefully, this will be a finish for the end of the month.  Backing fabric has been ordered.

Finished or Not Friday at Busy Hands Quilts

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  1. How beautiful! It looks almost like a stained glass window. Good luck with the quilting, I often quilt larger quilts in two pieces also.