Sunday, February 19, 2017

PLAY part 2

I'm happier with this one....and I will continue on.  The center colors photo'd  true but the two greens are very off.  The inner one is a lime green and the outer is a brighter green than shown,  The photo edit service I'm using doesn't seem to have any adjustments for greens.  I was able to turn the centers a variety of colors.....a good tool for choosing colors in the future.

I did run into an interesting problem.  I like bright colors and while I was choosing the final colors for this, it was bright and sunny outside,  When I finished sewing it had turned grey and rainy and my other choice looked better in that light.  Since I live in the Pacific Northwest grey and overcast is quite common.  My lighting is supposed to be true daylight but the shades may be interfering  with that.

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