Friday, January 19, 2018

I'm Back!

I've not posted in a while...a variety of things...illness, procrastination, and a lack of interest in all of my fabrics lead the list.  I do have projects that I want to finish and projects that I want to start so I just sat down to the machine and started in.

My new project is the Sweet Land of Liberty sew along hosted by Lori over at Humble Quilts.  This is a Cheri Payne design and there is no pattern.  Lori is giving the basic block sizes and you do your own thing from those sizes and the pictures she posted.  I've never done a primitive style project and this looked to be the perfect project for my stash of  thrift shirts.  Here's my first month...I've still the embroidery to do.

For the economy blocks I used the information from Catbird Studios.  Very clear and the size turned out for me.  Thank you

I couldn't really see the house well enough in the photos so I made my own simplified house.  I'm fairly pleased with it but I think I may redo the light green economy block and the "A" again.  I'll put it away for a couple of days and then see how I like it all

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Palmateer Point Quiltalong

I've followed Lori's blog at Humble Quilts for several years now.  I think it was the first blog I ever followed.  I love her color palettes even though they seem to be colors that I don't often buy.  I've never done one of the quilt alongs that she has and I've regretted it every time.  So when she started a new one several weeks ago, I decided to join in.  Since it was a 21"  project, I wanted to use the same types of colors not my usual brights.  I dug deep into my stash and came up with these for week one.
I went back and forth on whether I liked this combo or not...sometimes it seemed too busy and not enough contrast and at another look I liked it.  I decided to let it stand as it was a mystery and I didn't 
know how they would be used.

Week two was the half square triangles made very easy with my Quilt in a Day Triangle Square up Ruler and making 8 at a time.  Week three continued with sewing the HST's together.
Week four was the reveal and putting it all together!  Such a cute pattern...I'm thinking about doing it again in Christmas colors.  
I do wish I had gone a little darker for some of the smaller squares but overall, I'm happy with it.  Now to decide how to quilt it.   Thank you Lori!

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Starting Over

Quite a few of my circles for the Quilty 365 project have come from charms and fat quarters which leave a small scrap too big to toss out.  In an effort to use these up and improve my skills, I surfed and found the Lazy Girl variation of the Single Girl quilt.  Perfect!  Practice in curves, uses lots of scraps and something a bit different since it was popular about six years ago...way before I started quilting.

I decided to make four squares...a complete circle to try it out.  In the process, I've learned several things.
1.  a quarter inch difference in matching the centers equals about 3/4 inch off in the sides.
2.  I'm going back to my apparel sewing technique of marking the wrong side of solid fabrics with
     blackboard chalk.
3.  Actually sewing the curve was not a problem...just like setting in a sleeve.
4.  I really, really need more accuracy in pattern drafting
5.  trying to figure out which way to slant a seam for an angle is really hard if you have no spatial            ability at all.

Back to the drafting table for another try!

The solid is Kona cotton Valentine.

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

August Quilty 365

August was over way too fast for me....I got way behind on everything this past month!  I did get my circles sewed and turned but that was about it.  I'm still trying to decide what to do with them.  I'm leaning towards the flower design with a dark green background.  August was more colorful than July with more summer flowers.

I did manage to get some of my collection of thrift shop shirts turned into fabric....and I have some summer fruits and a bunny fabric.

I do wish I had a better bunny fabric...this is in honor of the little half grown bunnies that come out in the evenings and graze in the grass/gravel parking lot next to me.  I live downtown, in a business district, so I do enjoy seeing all the urban animals.  I usually have an opposum and a raccoon that will visit ie..come inside and eat my cat's food in the middle of the night! but I haven't seen them this summer and my cat didn't bring in any baby bunnies to play with so it's been a good summer overall.

I've decided to hand quilt my six months version and will be putting that together in the next couple of weeks.  I've never done that before so we shall see how it goes.  Any tips are appreciated!

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Christmas in July/August


and after

I love trip's always so much fun to see how the colors blend and form the pattern.  This is for my version of the Santa's Trip from the 12 Days of Christmas in July Blog Hop. I'm very slowly working on it....Sarah gave a very good  plan to complete this quilt in the 12 days but I've fallen behind this past week...other distractions got in the way.  Maybe this coming week will be better....only three more panels to cut and stitch.

Most of these fabrics are from my stash and are not actually Christmas fabrics at all.  When I went through my stash and pulled holiday fabrics, I found that most of them were smaller pieces, so I went with color and pulled red and green.  A quick trip to JoAnn's gave me a couple seasonal fabrics to add in.  Much more fun than the plain white I was thinking of.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Improv PeaPatch Finished

I realized after my last post that I had sewed some of this together backwards and also left out a piece!  Now that our weather is back to normal, I took some of it apart and put it back together.  I used this to practice my circular quilting...still need more practice..and to test out the power and some stitches on my new sewing machine.  It's my third machine in two months and it's working reasonably well for it's size and cost, so it will be a keeper unlike the previous models.

It's called Improv PeaPatch after a gardening program here that I took part in about 35 years ago when it first started here in town.  For a small price, you could rent a 10 x 20 foot patch of ground and garden.  Lots of families and kids working on their plots so the rows weren't very straight and all the crops were mixed couple grew nothing but dahlias!  Very pretty.  I don't now if it's still going on and later it got quite expensive and very regimented but it was fun in the early years.

This is one panel of my Santa's Trip quilt. I've got two and a half panels done, so only one and a half to go.  I'm hoping that I'll have enough cut and put back together by Friday so I can see how the little squares will look.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017


I saw the notice of the Improv Stripes Quilt Along on The Quilter's Table blog and decided it might be fun to try even though it takes place mostly on Instagram.  After a couple of days, this is what I have.  I think the lump in the middle is a doesn't show up on my floor.  I'm now trying to decide how to finish it with quilting and binding.

I have several projects going on that need completing, such as my Bear Paw, the Santa trip around the world quilt, and the fences from the In My Neighborhood row quilt, so why start a new project?  The answer is simple...this one required little ironing!  We are now going into our second week of temps in the high 90's F and I don't have air conditioning.  My cat, Licorice, has hated the fan for the past several years and now is actually sitting about five feet in front of it and getting her fur blown!  That's hot!.

One panel of my Santa's Trip quilt from the 12 Days of Christmas blog hop is now finished and I do hope to complete the three other panels in the next couple of days.