Monday, July 24, 2017

Quilty 365 Halfway

I started the Quilty 365(2017) project with Leanne of .Daisy and Jack Handmade in January after seeing her post.  I did make circles to include the first 2 weeks of that month so that January was a complete month.  Unlike some BOM's and other monthly or weekly projects, I've kept up with it.  Some months have been a scramble and I'm running dangerously low on fabrics but I now have a complete 6 months of circles on 4.5" squares.

It was while I was working on my July circles that I started wondering how I was going to put them together.  I went back and reviewed my Pinterest board and then it hit me...some of those quilts are huge!  Way more than I can handle in my limited space.  I started laying them out and found that I have 15 rows of 12 squares each. That almost covered my 5x8' livingroom rug.  After some rearranging, I came up with a layout and started sewing.  Here's were I'm at currently...halfway through the year and halfway through my rows.

These are hanging on my front door.  My seasonal door dec until I can get them joined together!

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Monday, July 17, 2017

In My Neighborhood

I've been sewing along with the row by row monthly quilt along at Quilter Chic.  I did complete rows one and four, which you can see here.  Row 5 is a fence with quilts hung on it...lots of little pieces! It's been very slow progress but I have just two half blocks to go on it.  Row 6 is another fence which I haven't even started yet.  Finishing those two rows is my to do list for this week!

 Row 7 came out this past Saturday...houses at the to do and a very nice break from little bitty fence pieces!

Each row is 48" long and won't fit into a single camera shot...this is the best I could get.

Rows 2 and 3 haven't been started yet and I've decided not to do them.  Very nice rows but they just didn't fit into what I wanted.  I finally decided  that it's called In MY Neighborhood so I'm replacing them with my own rows.  This is my cat, Licorice, chasing birds.  She doesn't catch them...just likes to scatter them!

I got out my graph paper and started in.  The birds were fairly easy.  I based them on a free foundation pieced design...seen here, that I bookmarked several years ago.  I drew the cat, carefully counted all the squares to make sure that the size was right, added seam allowances to all pieces and double checked to make sure that the design was sewable without Y seams and made a list of all the pieces needed.  Halfway through the sewing, I realized that the cat was coming out way to large!  I made some adjustments such as changing the bow to a collar and taking a curve out of the tail and hind leg and the final version does fit the size I needed.  I've gone over my pattern several times since and I still can't find where I went wrong.  I now have a whole new respect for pattern designers!

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

July Mini Quilt

I've been doing the monthly mini quilt sew along from the Sew Can She blog.  The patterns are free and I'm enjoying seeing the new one for each month.  But I'm behind for various reasons...didn't really like the pattern, not the right fabrics on hand and basic procrastination are some of the answers. I'll probably be doing last month's sunflower (or daisy) in Fall colors!.

This month's is a cute red. white and blue design.  Since I didn't get to it before the fourth, I changed the colors somewhat..

after all, a ladybug needs some flowers to lit on!

The binding came out better than usual, but the corners are still a struggle.  I've got the mitering down but folding the corners out correctly is still iffy. More mini's will be coming up until I can get the process correct.

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Friday, July 7, 2017

OBW Progress

This is a rough layout of my One Block Wonder experiment.  I still have about 5 or 6 hexagons to  assemble and the ones above are pinned at the middle, which is why the sizes look a little off.  I'm still not sure if this was the best fabric choice.  I think I need more contrast color.  This kind of just blends altogether.  What do you all think?

Meanwhile, I'm behind two rows of the In My Neighborhood row by row quilt and I do want to do this month's Mini quilt from Sew She Can.. I'll finish those off while I decide where I want to go with the OBW project.

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Stash Cleaning Result

I've wanted to do a One Block Wonder quilt ever since I saw my first one about 2013.  Last year, I even bought the Kindle version of the book.  What stopped me?  The fact that everything I read said that five or 6 yards of fabric was needed.  I'm retired and I quilt on a budget so spending  $50-$75 dollars on a fabric for a technique I might not like to do or choosing the wrong fabric didn't appeal to me.  I still checked out clearance fabrics and sales with this technique in mind, but never found anything I liked enough to try.

Last week, I cleaned out one of my stash boxes in an effort to find enough interesting fabric pieces to complete my month of circles for the Quilty 365 project and I found this forgotten piece of Kaffe Fasset fabric.

I bought this years ago for an apparel top and kept it to remind me to pay attention to those little rulers that show the  size of the pattern!  No way was I going to wear it so it went into the bottom of the box.  When I pulled it out, I found that the repeat was 12" and I did have enough to get the 6 layers needed even though the piece is only 2.5 yards.  It won't be a large quilt, but enough to be a learning project.

I've still got lots of triangle to sew together but this is where I'm at with the few I've finished.  The hexagons are pinned together.

Friday, June 30, 2017

June Quilty 365

I got a new background ....tiny yellow triangles on white...and I'm not sure I really like it.  In person, the yellow is hard to see and my camera makes all the circles look like measles!  I'm going for a scrappy yellow look and shall have to play around with these along with the previous months.  This month is noted for my using the last stack of my fat quarter stash....that's all the black prints.  In addition, lots of flowers and the green shamrock represents all the clover in our front yard!

Kitties!  In all honesty, the selvedge and my friend that sent me the black print claim that they are dog prints.  I did check against the paws of my cat that I had then and they are cat prints!  I'm sticking with that.

Victorian woman and children...I used this fabric ages ago to make a small ironing board cover.

Breast Cancer Awareness fabric from several years ago.  I never did find the right pattern or idea for it.

I had to clean out one of my scrap/storage bins to find enough fabrics for this month.  I've got several more to go, so I should be good for another month or two. That's an unexpected perk of this project!

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Flamingo Stars Top is Finished

This is my version, based on the pattern Stars Over Pink Flamingo by Valori Wells for Robert Kaufman. In the original pattern, some of the star points are 21" long.  Since I was only able to get a layer cake and a charm pack, my largest star points are only 10" .    Mine is 50" x 60" and I have 4 full layer cake pieces and 2 charms left over plus lots of scraps. I'm thinking about adding another 5" to one of the sides to make it 55"x60".  I shall have to stare at it some more!

As you can see, it still needs further pressing on some of the seams.  Since it's currently about 98F outside and about the same inside, that is not going to happen until the weather breaks.
This was a fun project to do and I really grew to like this shade of pink.  I wasn't sure when it arrived but it is an orange-pink, unlike most of the pinks I see in the stores.

The stars were fun, once I realized I could make my own sizes and arrangements.  I did a post on how I made them here.

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