Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sajou Mini Top Finished!

I've been working on the final borders for days but the top is finally finished!  Most of these triangles have been sewn at least twice and the beginning ones five or six times.  I went through two full   bobbins on my machine and this is only 18x18".  About halfway through I decided to ditch the triangles and do something clever with HST's but I used up all my matching fabric cutting triangles 
so I persevered.

If you are a beginner, you are probably wondering what the problem was.  When you lay out two triangles like these and sew them together, they are out of alignment. The first two went together fine but adding the third caused either the base or the point to be too high or too low. I'd read that you are supposed to place one higher than the other but I never got it right the first time around.  I'm sure there is some trick to getting it perfect on the first try but I haven't discovered it!

Overall, I'm pleased with the colors and this was a fun design to do.  Now to quilt it. Thanx to Lori at Humble Quilts for another fun project.  You can go to Humble Quilts for the Linky Party and see all the finished ones.


  1. That border was hard to line up! I have the same problem with the thimble shaped templates. I like your quilt a lot! Thanks for persevering!!

  2. I had the same trouble with the outer border. Your little quilt is pretty and looks good, those fabrics are really pretty.

  3. You've done a nice job on the quilt. I agree, those triangles can be a bear to line up. Congrats on the finished flimsy!

  4. Loving your take on sajou--great choice of a center block...hugs, Julierose

  5. Loved watching all the Sajou quilts come together. Every single one beautiful. Fabulous job!

  6. Bravo!! Such a darling little quilt!

    Blessings and hugs!