Friday, February 17, 2017

PLAY part 1

While cruising the blogs, I found an interesting post over at Elm Street Quilts....a new improve group called PLAY.  I've always admired the improve quilts I see on the blogs and read through the posts regarding choices made with lots of interest.  Sometimes I agree with the decisions and sometimes not but it's always a learning experience and interesting.

I waited for the first prompt ....log cabins....OK, I can do that. much fabric, what size, what colors...what are the rules???  On one of the info pages, it's stated that there are no rules....I want rules for no rules!  Clearly my thinking processes are going to be more of a handicap than my sewing abilities or lack of snazzy fabrics.

Looking through my stash, I decided on greens.  I've got lots of greens and then the purple scraps from my diamond quilt.  I put away the rotary cutters and got out the scissors......this what I came up with...

Frankly, I liked it better before  I trimmed it.   Second try coming up soon........

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