Tuesday, January 31, 2017

31 Days of Circles

I'm taking part in the Quilty 365 for 2017 over at Daisy and Jack's blogl.  These are my 31 circles for January.  I've put my circles on a 4.5 square and will be doing a yellow scrappy background.  So far, I've had enough of one shade of yellow to do the entire month.  The scrappy part will start to appear next month.

The circle fabric gets chosen first thing in the morning and really has no relation to how I'm feeling,  The very dark circles are a deep purple batik and from the diamond quilt I'm still working on!  They do not indicate that I'm depressed!  I have noticed that the flower fabrics tend to get chosen on sunny days.  I have multiple scrap bins and grab a handful and chose from those.

I've used a drinking glass for the circle pattern and  draw that onto a thin interfacing, then cut and stitch.

I place the interfacing with the fusible side next to the right side of the fabric.  When I slice the interfacing and turn, the fusible side is then on the outside and can be fused to the background. The middle circle is shown partially turned.  This method works so much better for me than using freezer paper or needleturn applique.

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  1. your circles look wonderful Jann - I'm so excited you're doing this project and linked up - I like the way you are making the circles too - I would never have thought of that !!