Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Second Six Months (Quilty 365)

Looking at all my circles, July seems to have been a pretty dull month.  Lots of pastels trying to forget the heat, reds when the heat got the better of me and a small piece of Japanese bamboo fabric.  I did get some navy blue stars for Independence Day.  The zigzag  fabric was new for an experiment but turned out to be so poorly printed that the lines wouldn't align.  The rest of the piece will probably be popping up in small bits for the next several years!

In my last two posts, I explained that the first six months of circles are now being made into a quilt because of the size consideration.  It's 48" x 60" before any borders.  I don't think that I could handle a quilt double that size.  So now what do I want to do with the next six months?  I haven't put them on squares yet because I think I want to go in a different direction.

Clamshells, maybe?
or flowers
or tightly laid out on the backing fabric with diamonds showing?

All of these were just quickly laid out.  Any other suggestions or comments?

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  1. oh you are so clever Jan to think about other options for laying out your circles - I love the flower arrangement but I also love the clamshells ! and the third layout reminds me of yoyos ♥ so many options :) thanks for linking up again xx

  2. Totally wonderful! I had never considered doing something different with the layout of my circles. Love all these ideas - the clamshells look great. I'm impressed that you've begun putting the circles together...August will be my last month and the blocks are just laying in a box. What a conundrum...what to do, what to do. :)

  3. There were several people last year who made more than one quilt for the Quilty 365; it's a good way to manage size and also it's fun to try different things. I'll look forward to seeing what you decided to do next.