Monday, July 3, 2017

Stash Cleaning Result

I've wanted to do a One Block Wonder quilt ever since I saw my first one about 2013.  Last year, I even bought the Kindle version of the book.  What stopped me?  The fact that everything I read said that five or 6 yards of fabric was needed.  I'm retired and I quilt on a budget so spending  $50-$75 dollars on a fabric for a technique I might not like to do or choosing the wrong fabric didn't appeal to me.  I still checked out clearance fabrics and sales with this technique in mind, but never found anything I liked enough to try.

Last week, I cleaned out one of my stash boxes in an effort to find enough interesting fabric pieces to complete my month of circles for the Quilty 365 project and I found this forgotten piece of Kaffe Fasset fabric.

I bought this years ago for an apparel top and kept it to remind me to pay attention to those little rulers that show the  size of the pattern!  No way was I going to wear it so it went into the bottom of the box.  When I pulled it out, I found that the repeat was 12" and I did have enough to get the 6 layers needed even though the piece is only 2.5 yards.  It won't be a large quilt, but enough to be a learning project.

I've still got lots of triangle to sew together but this is where I'm at with the few I've finished.  The hexagons are pinned together.


  1. I just love this!!! The print is so soothing and summery feeling....... I just love to see One Block Wonders.......

  2. Oh, these are such fun blocks! I love the kaleidoscope-effect from the way you've cut and sewn them. I'm looking forward to seeing how they'll go together in a quilt.

  3. A great find and it looks like a fun project. I too have bought fabric online and been shocked by the size of the print. I don't think there were rulers the time I did it.

  4. Looking good! Don't you love it when we find treasures as we shop our stash? :) Thank you for sharing!

  5. Hi Jann, it's going to look great. Sounds like a wonderful learning project.