Thursday, July 13, 2017

July Mini Quilt

I've been doing the monthly mini quilt sew along from the Sew Can She blog.  The patterns are free and I'm enjoying seeing the new one for each month.  But I'm behind for various reasons...didn't really like the pattern, not the right fabrics on hand and basic procrastination are some of the answers. I'll probably be doing last month's sunflower (or daisy) in Fall colors!.

This month's is a cute red. white and blue design.  Since I didn't get to it before the fourth, I changed the colors somewhat..

after all, a ladybug needs some flowers to lit on!

The binding came out better than usual, but the corners are still a struggle.  I've got the mitering down but folding the corners out correctly is still iffy. More mini's will be coming up until I can get the process correct.

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  1. Hi Jann,
    What a fun quilt! I can see why it was selected for July, but your changes make it perfect anytime. I think your corners look great. Don't be so hard on yourself. If I can make one suggestion - from doing it incorrectly myself - be sure you stop 1/4" exactly from the edge. Then crease the fabric well when you pull it out of the machine with your nail or something to really mark it. Then when you fold the fabric back on itself to start the next edge, try to line it up as close as you can on the edge. Extra material there, or not enough which will pull that crease you made out, does impact the corners when you try to miter them later. I hope that makes sense. You will get there - it just takes time and patience. And really, so what if you don't??! It's just quilting and fabric - no one else knows to look at corners . . . they often think the back is the best part of a quilt. What does that tell you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Beautiful job! So glad to have you sewing along with us, even if only for your favorite minis. 😉