Friday, June 30, 2017

June Quilty 365

I got a new background ....tiny yellow triangles on white...and I'm not sure I really like it.  In person, the yellow is hard to see and my camera makes all the circles look like measles!  I'm going for a scrappy yellow look and shall have to play around with these along with the previous months.  This month is noted for my using the last stack of my fat quarter stash....that's all the black prints.  In addition, lots of flowers and the green shamrock represents all the clover in our front yard!

Kitties!  In all honesty, the selvedge and my friend that sent me the black print claim that they are dog prints.  I did check against the paws of my cat that I had then and they are cat prints!  I'm sticking with that.

Victorian woman and children...I used this fabric ages ago to make a small ironing board cover.

Breast Cancer Awareness fabric from several years ago.  I never did find the right pattern or idea for it.

I had to clean out one of my scrap/storage bins to find enough fabrics for this month.  I've got several more to go, so I should be good for another month or two. That's an unexpected perk of this project!

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  1. Wonderful. I do like the yellow/white background and...measles wasn't even in my mind when I looked at your circles. :) It's great to use the novelty fabrics - bras and kitties. The black and white fabrics really catch my eye - yummy.

  2. I had such fun with Quilty 365 for about 159. (That's probably an exaggeration.) Your circles with all the novelty fabrics will make a sweet I Spy quilt should you need to entertain a little one. As a secondary use that would be quite fun. I think this is the first one I see with all the same background, which will make it cohesive and give the eye a place to rest. Like LJ, I like the background, but where do you see measles?

  3. I really like your background, but then again, I love me some yellow! Cute fabrics! Thank you for sharing!

  4. so many fun fabrics and I love your new background !! and I agree those are cute kitty paws :) thanks for linking up x

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