Sunday, June 25, 2017

Flamingo Stars Top is Finished

This is my version, based on the pattern Stars Over Pink Flamingo by Valori Wells for Robert Kaufman. In the original pattern, some of the star points are 21" long.  Since I was only able to get a layer cake and a charm pack, my largest star points are only 10" .    Mine is 50" x 60" and I have 4 full layer cake pieces and 2 charms left over plus lots of scraps. I'm thinking about adding another 5" to one of the sides to make it 55"x60".  I shall have to stare at it some more!

As you can see, it still needs further pressing on some of the seams.  Since it's currently about 98F outside and about the same inside, that is not going to happen until the weather breaks.
This was a fun project to do and I really grew to like this shade of pink.  I wasn't sure when it arrived but it is an orange-pink, unlike most of the pinks I see in the stores.

The stars were fun, once I realized I could make my own sizes and arrangements.  I did a post on how I made them here.

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  1. It looks great Jann, I read how you did the stars, you are right, there is a lot of waste, great for a scrap quilt, but I like how you managed to reduce it. I haven't seen the pattern before, I really like it though and downloaded it, thank you for that.

  2. Very pretty!!! I was wondering how it would look when all finished. Great job.

  3. I like how this has turned out a lot!

  4. What a bright happy quilt! Good job!

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