Friday, March 17, 2017

A New Start

Several years ago, I saw a quilt pattern that I loved.  It was a pillow but looked like something that would make a great full sized quilt.  Over the years, I've seen other examples but the only instructions I could find involved just cutting off the excess fabric.  I quilt on a budget and I really disliked the fabric waste for that method.   It's really difficult to find instruction for a pattern when everyone calls their quilt by a different name!

Last week, I was blog browsing and I found it... complete with excellent instructions!  Click here  for the tutorial  It's dated 2013 so I somehow missed it in my periodic efforts to find it.  Melissa used 10 light and 10 dark fat quarters but I really hate cutting so I decided to go with a jelly roll.  I needed a little over one jelly roll . I found a pattern at Connecting Threads that looked as if it had enough low volume and high volume and their strip sets have 22 strips per pack.  I got three and have enough left over for binding if I choose to do so.  The fabrics are a little darker than my screen showed but I was able to use the backside of some for the lights. The solids are a suede which will add a great texture to the finished top.

The instruction start with cutting 124 and 105 pieces....did I mention that I hate cutting??  At least I started with 2.5 strips.
77 sets out of 93!!  Almost there...........I cut a batch then chained them together........

Finally all the strips are cut and for the final pressing and layout.

The really hard part...deciding where they all should go...this isn't all of them, but this step will be done soon as I have NO walking room left on my floor!

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  1. You hate cutting, and I love cutting! It's my favorite part of the entire process. LOL!